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Cherrybomb pre-production:

Offices, artwork…we toyed with looks for the Leisureplex staff

comic sans – it’s never funny

ahoy, sailor: saving the Lifeboat


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B&W Cherrybomb inspiration: tears, music, joy, disaster.

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Hedi Slimane

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Leyburn & Roddy

Glenn Leyburn and Lalor Roddy (Luke’s Dad, Smiley, in C’bomb)  in the Lifeboat bar, a short time before it sank.

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We’re big fans of Dublin band Twinkranes, so it was great to be able to use one of their tracks in the film. I also have happy memories of seeing them play in Dublin when we were halfway through editing Cherrybomb.

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Jules et Jim:


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The Lifeboat Bar

Ah, the Lifeboat Bar. A creaky and charming old tub, harking back (as you can see from the decor) to Belfast’s shipbuilding heyday – they built the Titanic down the road, you know.  We hoped to shoot the bar scene in Cherrybomb in the actual venue that inspired it…but alas, the Lifeboat was whisked from under our noses by developers. Now just a ghost, like other old Belfast boats.